It was definitely a welcome challenge to tailor a CMS capable of highlighting and relaying the myriad sections of Advance Design Consultants content and projects. From civic projects to photovoltaic development to biomedical laboratories, we custom crafted a wordpress site that showcases both the companies team and core competencies and the projects that sprung from such.

This project was fun, indeed! Working with a popular personality such as Olga Valentina involved a design approach consistent with the 50?s diner theme. We threw in composited art, layered in relevant motifs and developed the feature set specific to an online cookbook. Everything was custom from design, development to artwork – we added a dash here, broiled and baked, spiced it up…. and got cooking!

Needing a completely custom WordPress site for their commercial development project, the OBLSA project was just down our alley. Creating a custom content management tool with the ability to add unique background images per page gives a cornucopia of looks as varied and beautiful as the island scenery and wildlife found on Utila Island.